Smart Technology Solutions

Solutions for your homes, businesses and organisations of any size.
Digital workspaces setup advice and assistance, centrally manage and monitor your business.
Digital applications for business accessible anytime anywhere.
Smart data security solutions, control access to your confidential information.
Digital security camera setup advice and assistance, monitoring anywhere anytime.

Self Hosted Digital Applications

Manage and customize digital applications that can be accessed from anywhere anytime.
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Web Design and Hosting


Business Email
Fast Website Creation Services
New Domain Registration
Edit your site anytime anywhere

Digital Skills Training and Tech Support Services

Digital skills training for  businesses of any size.
Businesses need to develop digital skills to benefit from the powerful digital tools available currently.

Data Recovery and Migration Services

Recover deleted files from your computers
Transfer digital data to new devices or online storage solutions

Secure Computer Disposal

Lower your carbon footprint and securely dispose of used computers using our green service. Only pay a fee to securely  destroy all the data from your computer and protect your privacy, we will take away your old computers for free. We can also refurbish your computers making them available for you to re-use or donation.